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The Torch Has Been Passed

ALFERES REALTY is ALIVE & WELL as the "Head of Operations", Darlene Alferes, has been promoted to the ownership of the greatest family real estate firm on the Southcoast.... I can say that, as in 1995 Tom Alferes took me out of a 27 year banking career that was "not fun anymore" and introduced me to what would be a 22 year run in local real estate with, without a doubt, a "TEAM" of great people! From the first time I walked through the door and was greeted by our always capable staff of office people that very quietly made sure the operation was a smooth, running machine! That said, Tome & Anita, as owners, have always gone out of their way to make sure all of their staff & REALTORS always had the TOOLS AND SUPPORT TO SUCCEED.......


Daughter Darlene was there and would prove to be mom & dad's daughter as she took to real estate like a duck to water....... The family did not stop with Darlene, everyone on the payroll was treated like family. We just needed to see how we all interacted both inside and out of real estate, and yes, we all loved the social gatherings at the pool and especially the well-known "Alferes team cruises"! Yes, those were the days, 22 years came and went so fast that every day in real estate was so much fun that it was almost not like a job! Today, Alferes Realty continues in great "hands". Darlene, Frank, Karen and Janet (and Joyce & Janice before them), will see to it that the Alferes flag continues to fly with great pride & strength..........Thanks all for allowing this young man to have been part of this family for the last 22 years. Where has the time gone?


Alferes Realty

Established 1994

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